Come check out the Live Performance From ZENOTOPE During Octobers Meeting

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Zenotope is the future bass musical project of producer and educator, Zaak Kerstetter, with a focus on building diverse soundscapes that envelop the listener in a multilayered story. By interweaving elements of glitch, ambient, downtempo, experimental, classical, science fiction, and surrealism, Zenotope sits at a crossroads between multiple genres.

Founded in 2011, Zenotope has evolved to include a wide array of collaborators. In 2012, Zenotope released the debut Album “Maisma,” a 5 song EP which scales from avant garde compositions to rhythmic driven dance tracks.

Most recently, Zenotope has been involved in producing a full length album entitled Eko with Turkish producer Devo Bekin. Driven to work together my mutual admiration for each other’s work and an ambition to create original music that provokes the listener to think about music in new ways. All the songs on Eko were produced through long distance online collaboration. Tragically, Devo passed away in December of 2013. Eko was released in March 2014 in honor of his memory.

Currently is Zenotope working on new songs and remixes with the intention of bringing a multi-faceted transformative live show to audiences all over the West Coast.


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